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USCGC Polar Star WAGB-10 Wikipedia

Whatever the context is, I use that to decide on my icebreaker and help the team get in the best mindset before a retro. I wrote a blog post about my thought process and some of my other favorites in this blog post. The retrospective activity is itself a fun connection activity. I’m also someone who starts with a few minutes of people posting memes that represent their feelings about the previous sprint. The team is very new any sort of Agile and had a problem with «retros» being angry finger-pointing in the past.

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Shear zones were derived from the velocity gradient between the faster outer pack ice compared to the slower older sea ice, closer to the fast ice. Shear-induced ice deformation was the likely cause of linear patches of rough ice close to the shear zone. Based on remote-sensing images as well as ocean current, tidal and meteorological data, we analyzed sea-ice variability in the Adélie Depression from when RV Xuelong entered the pack ice. This was the first time a Chinese vessel had entered this area, and the consequent lack of weather and sea-ice information may have contributed to RV Xuelong becoming entrapped. A detailed analysis of the ice conditions surrounding this incident may help to understand the processes of this area, and may also provide a reference for navigation in other ice-invested regions. With many software tools available the optimal particle selection is still a vital issue in the single particle cryoEM. Regardless of the methods used, most pickers struggle when the varying ice thickness is present on the micrograph.

Job Finder is a job search engine designed to make it easy to find your dream job online. Button below the answer to help other users find the correct answer easily. Essential crew members, living on supplies brought by the helicopters, will remain on board the Magdalena until the arrival of the Argentine icebreaker Almirante Irizar. Our award categories represent organizations worldwide from small businesses to large enterprises across all industries. The awards drew over 70 submissions from companies, and our judges had a hard time narrowing down to the nine stories to spotlight. We have reimagined events by creating an immersive virtual experience that brings people from all over the world to one place, the Caribbean. AVATARA Island was created to host galas, awards ceremonies, meetings and conventions, as well as conferences, summits, shows, festivals, and other…

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In the first phase of the project, ALDAR connected more than 50+ critical applications via MuleSoft. On 15/16 March 2004, the ship entered a maritime area designated as conservation zones under the jurisdiction of the Falkland Islands and issued demands for other ships to identify themselves.

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  • A large area of fast ice (∼4620 km2; Fig. 2) was identified to the northeast of iceberg B09B.
  • «Llegó el rompehielos Irízar a Puerto Belgrano» [Icebreaker Irízar arrived at Puerto Belgrano] .
  • The engineering leads responsible for the data, which accounts for 60-70% of their monthly AWS spend, particularly appreciate this visualization and insight on their AWS usage.
  • From 25 December 2013 to 6 January 2014 (Fig. 7), the wind was persistently from the southeast, driving slush ice into the pack ice.
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  • You can attend with no experience at all in the topic, don’t expect to finish number one but expect to have fun and learn a lot.

Each shaft is connected to a 16-foot (4.9 m) diameter, four-bladed, controllable-pitch propeller. The diesel-electric plant can produce 18,000 shaft horsepower , and the gas turbine plant a total of 75,000 shaft horsepower . «Llegó el rompehielos Irízar a Puerto Belgrano» [Icebreaker Irízar arrived at Puerto Belgrano] . S peacetime missions include annual campaigns to resupply and rotate the personnel assigned to the Argentine Antarctic outposts, as well as conducting and supporting scientific endeavors in Antarctica. She has also conducted several passenger tours to Patagonia and the Antarctic. Instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts and more.

The Screening Process

The ship was placed in reserve, or «Commission-Special» status, in 2006 and stationed in Seattle. This caretaker status required a reduced crew of 44 to keep the ship ready for a possible return to the ice. In 2009, the NSF announced that they would icebreakers for virtual meetings end funding for maintaining the ship. The Tandanor shipyard repaired the fire damage and also reconfigured the vessel to increase laboratory space from 74 m2 up to 415 m2 . The main radar of Irízar was also repaired in Argentina by CITEDEF.

This interval is marked by a significant decrease in sea-ice extent to the northwest of the continental shelf offshore of the Mertz Glacier region, by ∼570 km2 in the MODIS image acquired on 2 January 2014 (Fig. 1). In view of this loss in ice area, the pack remained under active compression, with new linear kinematic features visible in the MODIS image acquired on 2 January 2014 (Fig. 1). However, there were no open-water leads identified in the image, due to insufficient resolution in the MODIS image.

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  • Instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts and more.
  • The ship was placed in reserve, or «Commission-Special» status, in 2006 and stationed in Seattle.
  • It’s a bit of a palate cleanser before we dig into the heart of the retro.
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  • The differential motion of two nearby icebergs to the southeast of RV Xuelong highlighted the active shear of the ice pack.
  • The sessions you attended during the morning always work as an icebreaker.
  • From 3 to 6 January, iceberg 1 drifted ∼10km northwestward, coming within 8 km of RV Xuelong on 6 January.

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