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The primary reason for loss of productivity, or even overworking, in remote settings is often that there is no clarity on what must and must not be done. This lets them access the information when it’s most convenient or relevant to them, collect their ideas, and put together a thought-out response. It also gives everyone a shared resource if they need to refer back to the instructions or issue introduced in the video.

Hypercontextis a shared agenda app that empowers managers and their teams to be high-performing by combining quarterly priorities, weekly meetings, and engagement measures, all in one place. It offers a range of features and tools for sharing ideas, organizing conversations, and keeping everyone on the same page throughout the project. Nuclino has virtually no learning curve and makes it really easy for new users to get started. Re-engaging and exciting members of your team could be as simple as setting up an additional, casual check-in via video call. You can provide support, and your employee has the opportunity to voice ideas or discuss issues that are interfering with their productivity or morale.

Best practices for effectively managing remote teams

Instead, the solution is in understanding the new rules of engagement; in building a communication skill set that reflects the demands of our digitally-driven age. People who had a brief, 10-minute chat before taking a test had improved performance on par with people who engaged in intellectual activities before the test.

Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices

10to8 enables teams to arrange virtual staff meetings and online appointments with clients. What’s remote collaboration more, the native Zoom integration allows you to jump on video calls straight from your calendar.

All-in-one time management solution for your team

You may want to use video calls for project kick-offs to get everyone on the same page right from the start. You may also use them for post-mortems to give kudos or discuss what went wrong/should have gone better. When it’s possible to be set off by a phone’s mute button, it’s safe to say that we’re living in challenging times. The digital era has ushered in a revolution in communication that’s equivalent to the one surrounding the invention of the printing press. And it’s affecting what we hear, as the jumble of information coming at us can lead to frequent misunderstandings and confusion. Video calls also give us a small look into peoples’ lives outside of work.

What are the 7 main components of collaboration?

  • Cooperation.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Autonomy.
  • Responsibility/Accountability.
  • Communication.
  • Coordination.
  • Mutual Trust and Respect.

One of the most common reasons companies hesitate to adopt a remote workforce is the concern that it will affect company culture. While it’s true that you can’t bump into co-workers in the hall for a quick, friendly chat, you can still build relationships in a remote team. People on friendly terms will naturally collaborate more than those coworkers who are not so close and can make the process much more enjoyable for both parties.

Taking a page out of the Agile playbook

It might benefit you to make specific channels for different tasks and projects. This way, only the collaborators are involved, and communications dont get too chaotic or interrupt the workflow of other employees. While effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business, working in a traditional office environment can sometimes feel very unstructured and chaotic. Instead of aid workers, it can feel more like one interruption after another. There are many ways remote work teams and employees can work together, the collaborate definition, to get their jobs done. All collaboration meaning is the principle of group work within the company. Until recent years, the idea of remote work, where employees work from home, was unfamiliar to most of us, especially those who worked in a more traditional office setting.

  • If your remote team uses Slack, all channels should be public by default and accessible by anyone.
  • You can always know what other employees in your team are doing.
  • A virtual water cooler, if you will, where members can engage in chit-chat or discuss light topics when they’re not working on their next milestone.
  • Be sure everyone has access to chat or instant messaging, and encourage your team to use it to talk to each other.
  • It’s not possible to clarify quick questions by just walking over to someone’s office when you’re working remotely.
  • When everyone isn’t present in the same office, some owners feel the need to increase the number of meetings to make up for the reduced contact time.

Screenshot apps – Screenshot apps like CloudApp are great for remote team collaboration. Send a screenshot of a bug, record your screen to explain a complex situation, and share it with your team in seconds. Asking questions is vital in a remote team setting, but it can be intimidating if you don’t know the person well or are unsure how they will respond.

These are great for quick questions or group collaboration, especially since long email chains can get confusing. Unlike co-located teams, a manager can’t look over an employee’s shoulder to make sure they’re working. One common mistake that remote managers make is micromanaging or monitoring every moment of their team’s day to make up for that. If some of your team members aren’t familiar with remote work, you may need to train them on new communication habits. Even workers accustomed to working remotely will have to learn new tools and systems. This alone should inspire you never to miss a chance to recognize and reward your employees. To gauge how appreciated your employees feel, you can use one-on-one evaluations and written surveys to get a real-time look at their satisfaction levels.

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